Posted: Mon, 2016-06-27 16:28

Behind the Spanish school sits the small English school building. Brady Martin from Pennsylvania teaches the English children of the community. Greiven Villalobos and Ben Rohrer's children. They join the rest of the school for devotions, recess, and certain parties. Lots of memories and good times happen as Brady pours his heart into teaching these children.

Posted: Thu, 2016-05-26 14:13

Piles of children flood into the classroom where Maria Eva and Kiara welcome them for another day of learning, studying, and fun. Grades 3-6 bring their set of joys and challenges as teachers drill facts, lessons, and social skills into these children. Creative teachers pour their hearts into teaching and loving these children! Stop by some day ;)

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Posted: Wed, 2016-04-06 12:06

Schoolchildren, after being on vacation for two weeks, dive back into school work. Memories of last weeks day off to a campground drift through heads when the going gets tough and gives inspiration to keep pushing forward. Antonio, the houseparent dad, organized a day to enjoy the outdoors and hike on mountain hillsides, eat lots of yummy food, and enjoy each other in a new setting. Early morning everyone loads up into vehicles and we drive for half an hour to a campground. Different from most American campgrounds, no water, no fire rings, only lots of people and lots of tents. Yes. And music. We find our spot with a 'shelter'. Our shelter being an old house with several bedrooms, a bathroom, and small living room and kitchen. Everyone hangs outside most of the day though. After breakfast the ones who are able take off to go hiking. Up and down hillsides and rocks and through brush. The higher we go the prettier the views. Springtime in Mexico brings green grass and green bushes. As well as wildflowers. Wide open eyes of children catch small glimpses of color and immediately pick the flowers for 'mom' or friend. After hiking for a long time we discover a small lake. Definitely a rare sight which causes loads of delight in the children used to sand playgrounds. Soon our stomachs call for food and outweigh the desire to stay so we head back for lunch. The afternoon holds a trip to a small store for drinks or snacks, playing soccer, sitting and talking, lots of games, and plenty of sunshine.
Burritos for breakfast, Mexican sandwiches for lunch, and chimichangas, along with fruit for every meal fill the hungry stomachs.
Tired, happy, and refreshed, we load up to go home after supper. As well as to face a new week full of school.

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Posted: Mon, 2016-03-28 12:47

Antonio takes each of the pods on a day off. Today we see what it's like for the room with Rachel as caretaker and Leanna & Sara as an extended part of the room. Antonio, Alma Rosa, and their daughter Sarai and the caretakers and children load up and head to Tijuana. First we go grocery shopping because the restaurant Antonio wants to take us to doesn't open till ten. The girls love looking at the goodies and picking out cookies to buy! Vicki, the youngest, rides in the grocery cart and thinks its a party! Then we head over to Kentucky Fried Chicken and eat some breakfast and play in the playset. After this, the group heads to a museum to watch a documentary in a dome room. Sadly, we discover the day is only for public schools and we can't get in. Here the privilege of living close to the beach comes in handy. Plans change and we head to the beach to enjoy the water, sunshine, and sand! Lots of playing and jumping and splashing later, we leave and go eat tacos! On the way home, we stop in at several more grocery stores and top off the day with icecream cones from McDonald's in Tecate! Days like this show children more of the big world they live in and give them a break from the daily life at the home. Many tired happy heads laid down to sleep well that night.

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Posted: Tue, 2016-03-15 13:44

Welcome to the next step of learning! Bianca, a girl that grew up in the children's home, along with Rosario, wife of a native couple who is a part of our church, teach grades 1-2. Hour after hour, they drill facts, numbers, letters, sounds, and discipline into these children. Teaching consists of working with them on a behavioral aspect as well as academic. Bianca and Rosario team together to pour their hearts into the children who walk into school every day. They learn how to read and write and study. Fun times include birthday parties, walks outside, art class, and enjoying each other. Next time you visit, step into the classroom to see for yourself the wonderful and hard work these people do!
Also, stay tuned for more about the school!

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