Sponsorship / Fundraiser Programs

The "Fund-Raiser" person will be responsible for raising the monthly dollar amount of the program chosen by his/her support group . A support group, for example, could be your congregation, youth group, co-workers, sewing circle, or a group of business owners. This creates an excellent opportunity for the many people who would like to be involved in helping these children in a tangible way without needing to be in Mexico themselves. Each one of these Fund-raisers will receive a report every 2 months on the children this program is providing for.

One hundred percent of the funds contributed will go to the program you choose to support. Our goal is to have efficient donation programs in order to maximize the number of children that we are able to help with your support.

We are constantly striving to lower our operating expenses and to wisely steward the funds entrusted to SLCH. The administrative personnel responsible for managing these funds and ensuring their proper use are donating their time.

We have created a Fund-Raiser brochure for each one of the programs to make it visual and easy to understand the different options and what they cover.

Pod Sponsorship
$500 per month
Child Sponsorship
$150 per month
Teacher Sponsorship
$1000 per month

Project Sponsorship
varies per project